Very Tasteless
Originality Castlevania's lame storyline is so lame It actually makes this cliché game fairly original (in a negative fashion). 5.0/10
Storyline Horrendous...2.4/10
Graphics Not perfect, but obviously improved over the classic NES, which they butchered with this pile of donkey-nuts 6.7/10
Sound Effects The soundtrack with the strings is not too bad, but the rest...*sigh*... 5.4/10
Fun Factor Its like eating a pile of.... 1.3/10
Length Its mediocre with its medium legnth, but believe us you'll be begging for it to end the moment you press 'start' 4.1/10
Genre Strength Well it's genre, classifyed as action, was correct. But our genre for it is "craptacular"
Bonuses Well, batter my testicles, its ain't got nuttin' good! 0.0/10
Online Gameplay Master Cheif was be spinning in his...well, cryotube 0.0/10
Reliability Help, I've fallen and I can't get up! 0.5/10
Presentation E3 members jumped off a cliff 2.0/10
Controls/Preformance It was way to easy to navigate though this Candyland Simulator 6.3/10

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