Primarily Negative
Originality Fairly original 5.3/10

Graphics Very nice? 7.5/10

Sound Extremly stimulation to the ears :)7.1/10

Performance Ran poorly 3.9/10

Online Gameplay There should have been one 0.0/10
Genre Strength It delivers what it advertises...sort of 4.1/10

Reliability....why would you rely on a video game? 3.9/10

Storyline Movie was better 3.9/10

Bonuses Not many easter eggs 3.0/10

Fun Factor Maybe if your bored and your room is surronded by a crowd of starving, comping aligators....2.2/10

Length Justin Bieber's penis 2.1/10

Presentation I though it would look fun, but was a minor waste of chaching... 5.0/10

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