Adverage to Positive
Fun Factor I played this longer than I'd like to admit....8.5/10

Performance Runs well on most computers. We had troubles on Windows 7, it it ran like a breeze on Vista. Works better if you use XP, though. 8.7/10

Multiplayer This Isn't GTA? 6.2/10

Originality It came from pure science!....8.5/10

Length Doesn't end, it's a sandbox game. Sandboxes like "Postal II" are better with an ending. 9.0/10

Reliability If you buy it you will not return it 9.7/20

Bonuses Beyond a game with many suprises..8.0/10

Genre Strength Gameplay fits the Fantasy Sandbox Genre very well 8.2/10

Storyline Not expected for a sandbox trype arena 4.8/10

Controls Longtime RTS players and "Red Alert" fans will apreciate the controls. 9.0/10

Graphics Meh... 5.1/10

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